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naruto_reread's Journal

Re-reading Naruto
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Welcome to the Naruto Reread Livejournal community! Following the example of fma_reread, we will be re-reading Kishimoto Masashi's manga Naruto. The name sums it up it quite well, right?
Basically, there will be discussions twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, each one containing two chapters of the manga, in chronological order.

Currently, we're discussing Chapters 5 & 6.

Yip. Look at the most recent post to see how it's done. In the comments to that post, feel free to mention pretty much anything about the chapters: a moment you especially liked or one where you think it could have been done better. Speculations ("What do you think would have happened if XY didn't do that?" for example) or moments that didn't seem important back then but turned out to be important later on. Squeeing and serious thoughts – anything goes as long as you follow this community's number 1 rule: Be nice to each other. We're here to have fun, right? We won't always agree with each other and that's a great thing. This community is made for discussions, after all, but let's not forget our manners even when there's a heated argument going on.

1) Play nice with the other kids. We can get pretty passionate about our Naruto, but let's not let an intelligent debate degrade into schoolyard insults.
2) Please, keep it legible. We do want to be able to read what you have to say.
3) All links to full chapters must be posted as a comment to this locked post.

Chapter Signups
So, would you like to sign up for some chapters? If you "claim" a couple of chapters, you'll be responsible for the post that deals with them. For example, if you claim the chapters 7 and 8, you should make a post when it's those chapters's turn to be discussed. (For the actual dates, please refer to the signup post)

Those posts should contain a brief recap of what's going on in the chapters, new characters introduced (if applicable), new things learned (Both things the characters learn and things that we as the readers learn about them and their world), foreshadowing and, if possible, a question or two to start the discussion. (That can be everything from "What do you think of XY's decision here?" to "Did you like the way XY was introduced? Why, why not?")
If you'd like, you can also compare your chapters to their anime counterparts. Posting some of your favourite pictures from the chapters is encouraged.

For more information and actual signups, please have a look at this post.

Any other questions?
If there are still some questions left, ask away! That's what the FAQ post is for.

If there is anything else, feel free to contact yout friendly neighbourhood mods, uchuunoyanushi and schattenstern.

Happy discussing!