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16 September 2006 @ 10:03
Chapter 9: The Worst Possible Client & Chapter 10: Two Down  
Chapter 9

Team 7 are in the woods tracking a target, which turns out to be the Fire Country Lord's wife's cat, Tora. They bring the cat back to the Hokage's tower, where they return the cat and recieve their next set of missions. Naruto protests that all the missions they are getting are boring. He wants a more exciting mission. Iruka yells at him, and Sandaime explains the system the village uses to hand out missions. Naruto's still unhappy, and Sandaime, recognizing that Naruto is working hard to become a good ninja, agrees to give them a C rank mission. To protect a bridge builder who is returning to home to the Wave Country. Tazuna is drunk as a skunk isn't too impressed with Team 7, and Naruto in particular. Naruto is very excited to leave, since he's never been out of the village, but Tazuna is 'the worst possible client'. Naruto keeps trying to kill Tazuna, and Kakashi feels a migrane coming on. Sakura asks Kakashi if there are ninja in the Wave Country, and Kakashi explains about the five Kages and foreign ninja.

They pass by a puddle on the road, and two Mist ninja Tweedledee and Tweedledum rise from the puddle and attack Kakashi, wrapping a chain around him that cuts him to bits. Before anyone can figure out what happened, the ninja appear behind Naruto.

New Characters:

  • Madame Shijimi, wife of the Fire Country Lord

  • Tazuna, Master Bridge Builder of the Wave Country

  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mist ninjas

Characters Learn:

  • The Mission System - missions recieved by clients are ranked A, B, C, or D according to difficulty and handed out accordingly. Payment is recieved when the mission is completed.

  • Foreign Countries/Ninja - The Five Great Shinobi Countries are Fire, Stone, Leaf, Cloud, and Mist. Only these countries have hidden villages ruled by Kages.

We Learn:

  • Naruto's never been out of the village before

  • Naruto's short


  • The AN gate they leave from is the same gate Sasuke uses to leave and join Sound


  • This chapter starts the first actual arc in the series. The introduction, so to speak, is over, and we're looking toward the beginning of a plot. What were your expectations when you first read this chapter? What did you think was going to happen?

  • In this chapter, we see two civilian clients within Konoha. Considering that Konoha is a 'hidden village', what do you make of that? How do you think other villages interact with their clients? Do you think there is a difference between the large villages like Leaf and Sand, and the smaller villages like Grass?


Our widdle ninja, setting off in the wide world.

Before the Mist ninja can kill Naruto, Sasuke jumps in, kunai blazing, and saves the day by attaching the chain to a tree, so the Mist ninja are trapped. But they release the chain and bypass Naruto, heading straight for Tazuna. Sakura, who's the closest by, forces herself to jump in and protect their client. Sasuke jumps in front of her, but the Mist ninja are intercepted by none other than Kakashi, who used Kawarimi to escape and only pretended to get killed. Kakashi apologizes for not stepping in sooner, explaining that he didn't expect Naruto to freeze, and compliments Sasuke on his quick thinking. Kakashi then confronts Tazuna, explaining that the reason he held back was to see who the Mist ninja were after. The mission has been elevated to a more expensive B-rank since ninja are after Tazuna. Naruto is injured, and Sakura suggests that they quit the mission and return to the village to have him treated. Kakashi seems to agree. But Naruto plunges his kunai into his wound to purge the poison, and swears that he won't freeze up again and have to be rescued by Sasuke anymore. He wants to continue the mission.

Meanwhile, Gatou is complaining to Zabuza about his failure. Zabuza shows off his head slicing cleaver and vows to go himself to kill Tazuna this time.

New Characters:

  • Zabuza, Devil of the hidden Mist

  • Gatou, the man who hired Zabuza to kill Tazuna (but we don't know anything else about him yet)

Characters Learn:

  • Kakashi's not really dead

  • Tazuna lied to them about the mission

We Learn:

  • Sasuke kicks some butt in a real fight

  • Sakura's got some guts when it gets right down to it

  • Naruto's a masochist

  • Zabuza has been hired to kill Tazuna


  • Sakura protects Tazuna in much the same way she'll protect Sasuke from Gaara later on


  • Ok, admit it. Just how much did you squee over Sasuke when you first read/watched this battle?

  • Why do you think Kakashi allows his team of untried genin to continue a mission that's obviously out of their league?


Sasuke, kickin' some butt.

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dr. combined gasstaticlights on 17th September 2006 16:09 (UTC)
Ok, admit it. Just how much did you squee over Sasuke when you first read/watched this battle?
considering I'd been "squee-ing" over Sasuke since the first page when he appeared...

Why do you think Kakashi allows his team of untried genin to continue a mission that's obviously out of their league?
Firstly, they weren't expecting any nins, so I think Kakashi was confident he could deal with whatever came at them. He also has enough confidence in his team that they won't get in his way. He said to Naruto after the first battle that he didn't expect him to freeze, which means he thought Naruto competent enough to deal with non-nins or at least protect the client. Sakura and Sasuke both lived up to his expectations, I think, Sasuke kicking the nins ass and Sakura moving in right away to protect the client.

Oh, and I've got a question; is there any significance to to the hiragana on the gates?
Landlady of the Universe: Gaara Teddyuchuunoyanushi on 18th September 2006 01:10 (UTC)
Oh, and I've got a question; is there any significance to to the hiragana on the gates?

The gate is marked with 'a' and 'n', the first and last letter of the Japanese alphabet. Personally, I think that there are other gates, or at least emergency exits or something, around the city that are labeled with other letters of the Japanese alphabet. I just used this theory for a fic, so assuming every gate has two letters, that makes 23 gates spread around the village wall. Other than that, I don't know of any particular significance.
dr. combined gasstaticlights on 18th September 2006 13:58 (UTC)
Oh, that makes sense. I was pretty sure it was "a" and "n", but I hadn't realized it was the first and last letter. Guess I'm too stuck on the English alphabet ^_^
I love your avatar, by the way.
ǝɥdoɹʇsɐʇɐɔ oʍʇ ʎq ǝʌıɟ ɐidly on 19th September 2006 16:33 (UTC)
Oh, and I've got a question; is there any significance to to the hiragana on the gates?

Right, I could be making crap up, but since they're pronounced "ah" and "un" it could be related to:

[the following is blatantly raped off wikipedia]

Most likely, Ah-Un takes its name from the Nio (Benevolent Kings), a pair of protectors who stand guard outside the temple gate at most Japanese Buddhist temples, one on either side of the entrance. Their fierce and threatening appearance wards off evil spirits and keeps the temple ground free of demons and thieves. Each is named after a particular cosmic sound. The open-mouthed figure is called "Agyo," who is uttering the sound "ah," meaning birth. His closed-mouth partner is called "Ungyo," who sounds "un" or "om," meaning death. Other explanations for the open/closed mouth include: (1) mouth open to scare off demons, closed to shelter/keep in the good spirits; (2) "Ah" is the first letter in the Sanskrit alphabet and "Un" is the last (same in Japanese syllabary too), so the combination symbolically represents all possible outcomes (from alpha to omega) in the cosmic dance of existence. The name couls also mean loosely "yes-yes" in English.

[And in case you're wondering that was actually from an Inuyasha article that I first came across when looking up the "ah un" thingy from Prince of Tennis]

dr. combined gasstaticlights on 20th September 2006 00:22 (UTC)
Oh, I hadn't thought to look on wiki. I did, and this is what I got:
The hiragana あん (an) is painted on the entrance gates of the village (one hiragana on each door). This means hermitage or retreat (the kanji is 庵).

Dunno if thats correct or not though.

(I loved the "ah un" thing in Prince of Tennis!)