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06 September 2006 @ 04:28
Chapter 1: Uchiha Sasuke!! & Chapter 2: Hatake Kakashi!!  

Chapter003: Uchiha Sasuke!!

Naruto wakes on his first day as an official ninja, grabs some breakfast, and heads to the school for genin orientation. There, he runs into Haruno Sakura, whom he's got a widdle crush on. But she only has eyes for Uchiha Sasuke, the top student in the class. After a little incident involving Naruto and Sasuke banging their lips together, Iruka explains that the new genin will be separated into three man teams, each under the supervision of a Jounin teacher. Naruto is placed in a team with Sakura and Sasuke. During the lunch break, Naruto jumps Sasuke because he really wants his onigiri and drags him through the window. They scuffle, and Sasuke emerges.

Sasuke, who is actually Naruto in disguise, finds Sakura and asks her what she thinks of Naruto. It's not flattering, to say the least. Sakura leans in to kiss 'Sasuke', but before she can, Naruto gets stomach cramps and has to run to the bathroom. By now, the real Sasuke has untied himself and runs into Sakura, who makes a mean comment about Naruto's lack of parental supervision. Sasuke gets angry and tells her she's annoying before walking away. Sakura realizes that this is how Naruto must have felt when she treated him badly, and resolves to be nicer in the future.

At Naruto's home, Kakashi and Sandaime are breaking and entering talking about Team 7, which Kakashi will lead. Kakashi notices that the milk Naruto had for breakfast went bad some time ago.

Characters Learn:

  • The three man + Jounin teacher team structure

  • Team 7 = Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke

  • Naruto learns not to drink milk after the expiration date (or does he?)

  • Naruto learns from Sasuke that ninja can untie ropes >.<

We learn:

  • Sasuke's at the top of the class, Naruto's dead last

  • Naruto has no one looking after him

  • It's implied that Sasuke has no parents and is also all alone

  • Love triangle central: Naruto wuvs Sakura, Sakura wuvs Sasuke, Naruto hates Sasuke, Sakura hates Naruto (Sasuke's kinda indifferent in all this, have you noticed?)

  • Kakashi is to be the team's teacher

A little random trivia cause I couldn't resist ^_~:
In the official fan book, there is an 'interview' with Sasuke, during which he's asked what the kiss with Naruto tasted like. Sasuke replies “he tasted like miso... wait, why do I remember that?”

New Characters:

  • Haruno Sakura, Naruto's classmate/crush (and Inner Sakura)

  • Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto's classmate/rival

  • Hatake Kakashi, Team 7's soon-to-be sensei


  • Naruto defeats Sasuke, maybe an indication of his future strength and cleverness?


  • Sandaime mentions that Kakashi is good with Naruto's “type”, but later on we discover that Kakashi has failed all of his previous students. What do you think Sandaime is referring to?

  • Who do you think took care of Naruto when he was a child, particularly before he was able to feed and clothe himself? Where do you think the money comes from for Naruto's apartment and food? Of course, this just begs the question of whether or not Yondaime is Naruto's father, so I'll just toss that out there too.


Aww, see, they were meant to be rivals from the beginning. In that 'rival' is another word for 'lover' in Japanese. =P

Iruka is so relieved to be rid of those kids...

...and Kakashi is so screwed.

Chapter 004: Hatake Kakashi!!

Note: Sakura gets jipped in getting a chapter named after her. Poor kid.

Chapter Summary:
Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are still waiting to meet their Jounin teacher well after everyone has left. Eventually, Kakashi shows looking kind of stoned, falling into an elementary trap that Naruto has set for him. They go outside and everybody introduces themselves and their likes, dislikes, and dreams. Naruto and Sakura's introductions are nothing unexpected, but Sasuke mentions that there is a man he has to kill. Kakashi announces their first mission will be survival training with him the next day. Then he drops the bombshell that only a third of the students who graduated will go on to become genin.

The next day, Kakashi shows them two bells, which they have to get from him by noon, or they get no lunch – after having skipped breakfast on his orders the day before. The person who doesn't get a bell will fail. He insults Naruto, who's been insulting him, and Naruto flips and goes after him with a kunai. Kakashi is impressed that he's at least taking them seriously, and says he's beginning to like them. Then he starts the test.

Characters learn:

  • Kakashi's name (and not much else)

  • Sasuke's “ambition”

  • Kakashi is always late and a sneak peek of his actual skills as a ninja

We learn:

  • Kakashi's a bit of a sadist

  • Naruto sucks at reading kanji (Japanese characters)

  • Naruto's a hothead

New Characters:
None for this chapter


  • The chapter cover pairs each of Team 7 with their future senseis' summons

  • The bell test: a bit of backshadowing(?) really, we find out later that the test is passed down from Sandaime, who used it on his team

  • Itachi's the big one here, of course, as Sasuke's drive to kill him is the catalyst for much of what he does in the future


  • Kakashi's probably one of the most compliated characters in the series. What were your impressions of him when you first met him?

  • For that matter, what did you think of Sakura and Sasuke? And how much have your opinions of them changed since?


Is it just me, or does that Kakashi doll look suspiciously like Pakkun?

*sniff* Our widdle ninjas, all grown up and yelling at sensei off on their first mission.

Urg. I crave ramen. Again.
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homestuck: emosuke and narutarddonkey on 6th September 2006 14:39 (UTC)

I'd say Sandaime was refering to Obito, in that both he and Naruto were the lam3rs of their cells. It's interesting how in every group there's two polar opposite boys and a random girl to earth them; except inoshikacho who are more paired for their compatible abilities. Okay, tangent XD I guess it could also be refering to old Yondy, thus strengthening the father theory. It's make sense to put someone who knew Yondaime and was therefore more likely to be accepting (in the end at least; though it doesn't seem like Kakashi resents Naruto in any way for his sensei's death) in charge of his kid, if only so we can have some nice flashback scenes later on, maybe? :3

Guess I already covered the father theory XDD; it's far-fetched, but I like to think that Rin took care of Naruto as a baby. It would make sense that (assuming he is Naruto's father) she would want to help out, and being a medi-nin and all would be helpful for taking care of a baby. It could also go toward why Kakashi doesn't resent Naruto (and babysitter!kakashi fanfiction is something that needs to start existing. now.) Evidently that would mean that she isn't around now, which Kakashi has all but confirmed anyway. To my knowledge, we dont see anything of naruto from before when he's about five, so she would have had to dissapeared before then.
..Now that I think about it, I can see 'Orphan Duty' being a nice D rank mission, especially after the war and Kyuubi attack. Probably more plausible too XD


I didn't really think about Kakashi until I got into fandom and read Kakashi Gaiden. He was just kind of there, you know? He's really grown on me though, being totally badass and mysterious yet still human and with flaws, and how he had to angstsuffer to get to where he is- and how it made him stronger. Now, SasUKE/sasughey/saucekay.. he's my scapegoat. as you can tell. he has an emo wind that comes about when he busts a fart so emo that it reflects off of the nearest surface and blows his hair emo-ly. srsly, air pressure drops around him or something. Mini!sasuke was the most adorable thing in the series, along with mini!gaara and mini!shikaboo. and sakura.. shes a bit of an idiot, and she evolved to a total mary-sue, but shes not a bad character. Just a bit shallow. Whatever people say I'd say she is essential to the team, if only because she has no incredible angst hanging over her and neutralises the other two a bit.

..this is long XD
Landlady of the Universe: Don't piss off the deeruchuunoyanushi on 7th September 2006 05:42 (UTC)
I don't know about Tsunade earthing anybody. Unless by 'earth', you mean, 'slamming Jiraiya/Orochimaru face first into the ground'. Seriously though, you've got a point. A large number of the girls also turn out to be medics, as well, have you noticed that? >.<

I like the idea of Rin taking care of Naruto. I always figured that it was some ninja equivilant of a wet nurse, who went on about her way sometime before the series had started.

babysitter!kakashi fanfiction is something that needs to start existing. now. Yes. Just... yes. I have this mental image of Kakashi holding infant!Naruto upside down by an ankle.

Haha, emo Sasuke...
Schattenstern: Naruto - Sakura Herzchenschattenstern on 6th September 2006 15:34 (UTC)
It's finally Wednesday! ♥ Uhm, anyway:

chapter 003:

Hmm. It really isn't too clear what Sandaime is reffering too. It seems like Kakashi is a lot better with the "Sasuke-type" since it's closer to who and what he is himself, and he doesn't always seem to know what to do with Naruto (or Sakura, for that matter). I too think it has something to do with Obito, and how Kakashi came to like him after all. It happened once, so the Third probably thinks "Hey, why shouldn't it work a second time".

Somehow I always assumed that the money for Naruto's upbringing came from Sandaime. He's looking over the boy at the beginning of the manga quite a bit (That crystal ball again, and the way he talks about him), so I don't think it's too far-fetched.
As for the actual upbringing itself...Maybe it really was some kind of sahred (and not too well-liked) duty the people of Konoha shared.

Milk after the expiration date is the worst you can do to me. Eww.
Oh, and I loved the random trivia. ^.-

chapter 004:

Kakashi was one of the "things" that really drew me into the series. While I didn't pay much attention to him in this chapter, the bell-test and what he says about beeing a ninja really got me. Sure, we didn't know anything about him at that time, but somehow, he seemed fascinating. He was a bit mysterious, but had enough "weak points" to make him interesting. I've always enjoyed seing more of him and that hasn't changed much from chapter four to 321.

Sasuke, on the other hand, annoyed me. He seemed to be the typical brooding bishi who's there to lure the fangirls in. Add a mysterious past and they should be all over him. I have no clue why a similar thing worked with Kakashi and not with sasuke for me, but the boy bored me at first. I came to like him during the Haku-and-Zabuza-arc, though.
Now? Now I actually find him and his many issues (and the way they're dealt with in the story) quite fascinating.

Oh, Sakura! I liked her, even though I would not have been able to say why at first. She is, after all, a shallow, giggling girl at first. But somehow, that made her human... and thus, quite likeable despite her faults.
And look how far she has come! People complain about her being either a weak, shallow girl, or an uber-powerful Mary Sue. I think she's neither. She may have been weak and shallow at first, and she's certainly strong now, but it was more that just a bit of effort on her part that brought her there. She has grown both physically and mentaly, and now I finally know why I like her and why she's one of my favourite characters: She has weaknesses. She lives with them and works around them. She also has her strengths and knows how to use them, even though she's insecure at times. She grows. She's human.
< / sakura-defense rant >
Landlady of the Universeuchuunoyanushi on 7th September 2006 07:49 (UTC)
I am embarrassed to admit that I actually liked Sasuke at the beginning. But then, I missed the eps where he broods muchly, and only came in mid-way through the Zabuza/Haku arc. Of course, I totally dumped him the second Gaara showed up.
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I am embarrassed to admit that I actually liked Sasuke at the beginning. But then, I missed the eps where he broods muchly, and only came in mid-way through the Zabuza/Haku arc. Of course, I totally dumped him the second Gaara showed up. <font size"-2"=>Does Naruto ever make you feel like a pedophile? Yeah, me too.</font>

Sakura, I didn't really, truly like until after the time skip. Of course, my entire anime club wanked on her (well, and everything else in the series, but Sakura got it a lot). And you have to admit that her flashbacks, at least in the anime, are sort of "OMG, teh cute! Make it stop! Make it stop!" Oddly enough, now that we're going back through the series, I like Sakura's younger self a lot more.

I don't see how she could be considered a Mary Sue, though. She's Kishimoto's character and he can do whatever he wants with her. For that matter, who was really surprised when she turned out the way she did. After she asked Tsunade to teach her, I was kinda like, "ho boy, here we go." =P
bakkhos on 6th September 2006 15:44 (UTC)
Where do you think the money comes from for Naruto's apartment and food?

I always assumed that the village had some sort of fund set up for orphans. Since there is always the risk of ninja dying, their children have to be taken care of somehow. Anyway, if there is such a fund, then the money would probably be taken away once the kids could support themselves.

Kakashi's probably one of the most compliated characters in the series. What were your impressions of him when you first met him?

I think I was kind of indifferent to him. He didn't strike me as anything special. I was turned off when he made that generalization about girls only being interested in boys rather than ninjustsu. He must not have dealt with many girls.

For that matter, what did you think of Sakura and Sasuke? And how much have your opinions of them changed since?

Sasuke is the reason I got into the series in the first place. I thought he was emotastic, which I find hilarious. The love only grew from there. As for Sakura, I loved her from the start as well. Kishimoto said he set it up so that readers would be annoyed with her, but I thought her infatuation was adorable. And there was Inner Sakura, of course, who rocks. As the series continued, though, I became more and more frustrated with Sakura. The spunk she showed in the first part of the anime/manga started to go away as she became less and less confident about her abilities. When I saw the Forest of Death scene, that cinched it for me. She did absolutely nothing to help Sasuke fight, which pissed me off. I was *so* happy in the scene where she cut her hair. I thought that would be the point where she started to develop her strength, but NO. That was incredibly frustrating as well. Needless to say, post timeskip Sakura is one big ball of awesome.
hellishduchess on 6th September 2006 15:56 (UTC)
Yay for Wednesdays! <3

Chapter 3:
I would imagine that Sandaime's referring to Obito and might actually be being a bit sarcastic. After all, we've seen how well Kakashi deals with guys like Naruto, eh? ;P

I always figured there's a sizable orphans fund in a ninja village. How many characters have we met now that have no families and seemingly no funds? It's enough that I'd think there's definitely a charity of some kind around, at least.

I always figured either ANBU or very unlucky genins doing D-ranks took care of Naruto. ANBU probably before they confirmed the seal was tight enough to keep the demon in, and unlucky genin thereafter until Naruto was five-ish probably--walking, talking, and able to make instant ramen without killing himself.

(and I have to leave so I'll review chapter four a bit later...stupid class...)
hellishduchess on 6th September 2006 17:29 (UTC)
Chapter 4:
Ha ha ha, Kakashi was one of the reasons I started seriously reading Naruto. I thought he was going to be a really lame ninj and he ended up scaring the crap out of me. He struck me as a real oddball and I snorted at practically everything he said in the beginning. (Girls more interested in boys than ninjutsu? Oh dear, you have so much to learn...)

I just wondered what the hell Sasuke's deal was. He had a bad attitude and I really more or less just wanted to know why so I wouldn't be so annoyed by it. Before I found out about Itachi Sasuke's ego just annoyed the crap out of me.

I started out hating Sakura a little for how mean she was to Naruto and how easily she assumed Sasuke would be hers. Then I realized...she was typical tweleve-year-old girl and I should probably cut her some slack. As the series wen ton she still did things that annoyed me, but she proved herself to be a loyal friend and not completely useless on several occasions.
Landlady of the Universe: Don't piss off the deeruchuunoyanushi on 7th September 2006 07:52 (UTC)
I would imagine that Sandaime's referring to Obito and might actually be being a bit sarcastic.

This actually makes the most sense to me. Sandaime makes a good snarky old man, ne?
hellishduchess on 7th September 2006 14:23 (UTC)
Sandaime makes a good snarky old man, ne?

Sandaime is the best snarky/grumpy old man ever. Jiraiya is second. ^^
Landlady of the Universe: Lazy (Copyright Jim Davis)uchuunoyanushi on 7th September 2006 22:36 (UTC)
*snicker* Does that mean that when Kakashi gets old, he'll be third?